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Message Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle MI6
Post Content
The pictures my friend took while in Arkansaw. These pictures have never left my mind in 20 years.

The piks where of some beautifull scenery out in the willderness with rolling green hills in the background.

Under closer scrutiny the faces started to appear. Faces of complete terror. Anguish I have never seen in my life.

Men, women and small children in complete terror like I have never seen.

The faces appeared after development, they were mostly American Indian and we later found this site was an ancient Indian burrial ground.

It gives me chills to the bone even today.

I had a professional take a look at the piks and was assured these images were not super imposed.

There were hundreds of these people on these piks, There are no words in the english language that describe the hell these people were in.

Do I have the piks? NO, my friend wont let them out of his site, I`ll never see them again, nor do I need to.

I believe I seen a glimpse into hell.
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