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Message Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle Mask
Post Content
Maybe not the most, but two come to mind at the moment.

Once, soon after finding this site, I was reading posts, it had gotten dark and admittedly I was getting myself a bit freaked out over a "go outside and look to the south right now!!!" type of thread, when the power went out.

I went to the door and opened it, above me was a very dark cloud and though there was no wind, a few leaves were softly falling straight down toward the ground, all was dead quiet and then I heard what sounded like a jet engine moving slowly just overhead. Scared the crap out of me.

On another night, there was a bad storm brewing, I went on my front porch to watch the lightning. I swear that one of the times when the sky lit up, I saw in cloud forms, a horned figure that matched the imagery seen in art to be the Devil and another figure with long hair and beard holding a staff. While the sky was partially lit from the last strike, there was another strike of lightning which appeared to come from the staff of bearded man toward the horned figure. The sky was dark for a few seconds and when the next strike lit up the sky, the bearded one was gone and the other had started dissipating and within a few more seconds was gone.

I am not a Bible thumper mind you, and I was not drinking or doing any sort of drugs.
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