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Message Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle THIRDEYE
Post Content
It was Christmas Eve in 1993 and my wife and I were having a disagreement. The kids were in bed and I didn't want the argument to escalate even though I was extremely upset about the issue. It was about 9pm and our doorbell rang. I went to the door to find three little children singing Christmas carols. I remember listening to them finish their song and just said "very nice, Merry Christmas" and shut the door. After about 30 seconds, I realized that I had been rude and went back to the door to apologize also thinking I didn't see their parents. When I opened the door they couldn't be seen anywhere up or down the street. The strangest thing though was that we had just had a light coating of snow earlier and none of the snow where they were standing had been disturbed (no footprints). I went back inside and the argument my wife and I were having seemed to be so insignificant. Go figure!
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