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Message Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My wife asked me to make her a tulip garden. We live in the Southwest where the soil isn't necessarily ideal for planting anything and our property is mostly rock & clay, so I knew I had no small task ahead of me..I planned to basically dig a huge hole and import some decent soil from the local garden center to fill it up.

I started off with a standerd shovel clearing the few inches of top soil & weeds. I then had to graduate to a pick ax as the layers of soil become harder and more compact. Soon I hit rock which made my task that much more difficult. after 3 days of digging I had reached the depth of 2.5 feet. the 4th day of digging blew my mind..As I was approaching 3 feet in depth, I started noticing movement in the hole....toads! dozens of toads started jumping around in my hole! They've been burried for God knows how long under 3 feet of super dry compacted rock & clay. How could they survive in that!? I started screaming for my wife to come out and witness the event..."Where did you find those frogs?" she asked. "In the hole!" I said..

Anyway, it's still a big mystery to us..."rock frogs"
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