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Message Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was heading to my parents house 1 block down the road and was running late. I normally get there at 6:30 but was detained by unexpected guest and didn't leave before 8:00. When I left, I realized I didn't have a house key. As I was backing out of the driveway, I noticed the front door... the one that the guest had exited. I stopped the car, and checked the door and sure enough it was unlocked. I reached in and got a key out of the door (deadbolt) and locked the door as I left.

When I got to my parents, my siblings were mad since I was so late and the evening broke up at 9:00. I was sad for the brother and sister but heck I had a key, I just went home.

The garage was dark (getting dark outside) and as I walked to the garage I stopped, looked at the key and decided instead of going into the dark garage I would just use the front door. I needed to put the key back where I had retrieved it.

As I walked to the front door I noticed that a wire was placed between the front door and the tree outside. I just looked at it and said "that wasn't here when I left". I turned got back into my car and went to my parents and called police. They showed up and searched the grounds and house. The wire had the door such that if I had come in the back door with someone trailing me, I would not have been able to open the front door to get out.

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