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Obama Using NSA, AT&T For New Snooping Project

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South Africa
07/03/2009 03:42 PM
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Obama Using NSA, AT&T For New Snooping Project
[link to www.broadbandreports.com]

Obama Using NSA, AT&T For New Snooping Project
Aimed at sniffing traffic between government, private sector contractors...
03:30PM Friday Jul 03 2009 by Karl Bode

The Washington Post reports that the Obama administration is "proceeding with a Bush-era plan" that would use the NSA to more closely inspect the traffic traveling between government networks and the private-sector. According to the report, the aim of the classified "Einstein 3" project is to better protect the government from external cyber-threats, particularly those originating at private-sector contracted firms. AT&T was chosen by the Bush Administration to help participate in the project, and the trial has seen delays as AT&T "is seeking legal assurance that it will not be sued for participating in the pilot program." Meanwhile, the Utah Tribune reports on a new $2 billion NSA data center in Utah.
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