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Astrologer Zodiac Guille wants "to have a look" on Bandara´s predictions

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07/04/2009 05:07 AM
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Astrologer Zodiac Guille wants "to have a look" on Bandara´s predictions
Idol1Few hours ago, argentine astrologer Don Zodiac Guille, confirmed he sent an e-mail to Mahinda Rajapaksa, "Supreme chief of the Republic of Sri Lanka..." without giving details of statements. The Horoscope man also added in his homepage, wwww.zodiacguille.com, two URLs, one corresponding to Mr. Chandrasiri Bandara and, of course, the other: Sri Lanka President´s oficial site.
"Up to now, I couldn´t log in Chandrasiris´blog; it seems "stars" aren´t helping..." he joked. "but to Presidente´s site is quite interesting and easy to contact His Excellecy ..."

Many astrologers all over the world are on "esoteric" expectation about the Sri Lankan Government decision. To finish, Don Zodiac Guille said: "I would respectfully like to have a look on the Mundane Astral Chart already built by Mr. BANDARA because the Police want a logical explanation about those predictions".

Don Zodiac Guille ended saying :"Astrology is a millenary social practice...so we have to moderate our concepts when a Nation Chart is ready"