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Message Subject Steve McNair dead at 36, victim of an apparent murder-suicide
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A biohazard warning sign is posted on the door of the condominium in Nashville, Tenn., Sunday, July 5, 2009, where Steve McNair was found dead Saturday, July 4.

Investigators Classify McNair and Kazim's Relationship as Romantic
Posted: July 5, 2009 09:42 PM

Images of Kazemi and McNair on a vacation surfaced on TMZ.com.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Investigators confirmed McNair and 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi were dating, and brand-new pictures of the couple on an exotic vacation have surfaced.
Steve McNair was shot 4-times, twice in the head, twice in the chest. He was seated on the couch. His girlfriend Sahel Kazemi died of a single gunshot wound to the head. She was lying on the floor of the same room. The murder weapon, a semi automatic pistol, was found underneath her body.
Physical evidence could suggest a murder - suicide, but investigators aren't labeling it that just yet. Interviews with friends and folks in their inner circle should tell detectives whether the shooting was triggered by a lovers' quarrel.
Police also surmise the couple died in the wee hours of 4th of July morning, long before the two bodies were discovered early Saturday afternoon. Police say McNair was spotted at two Nashville Night Spots Friday, Blue Lagoon and Loosers.
Police aren't sure whether Kazemi was with him that night, but she did get home before McNair did. The Cadillac Escalade she drove, registered to her and McNair was parked outside.
Mcnair co-rented the condominium unit, and shared a full-time house in Green Hills with his wife, Mehelle.
Mcnair's condo neighbors say he and Kazemi were openly affectionate outdoors, and close friends knew why he kept a secondary residence. This married man, and father of 4, who led a very public life -- also had a very private one.

[link to www.newschannel5.com]
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