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Message Subject Steve McNair dead at 36, victim of an apparent murder-suicide
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"my experience with middle easterners is that the fathers don't put up with their daughters dating blacks. Don't be surprised if it was Salemis pop that did them both and is now in the middle east somewhere never to return."
He had met with her family.
While some are trying to look at the good things that Steve McNair did on earth before his demise on Saturday involving is 20-year-old “girlfriend,” more things are coming out pointing to McNair leading somewhat of a double life that involved keeping this romance with Sahel Kazemi, aka “Jenny” somewhat hidden.
Reports today point out that McNair’s wife - Mechelle McNair, was NOT aware of the relationship with Kazemi, this despite the fact that Steve McNair continued to tell Sahel that the couple was in the process of getting a divorce. The Tennessean points out that there currently is no divorce pending, at least in Nashville, but that McNair’s house is for sale.
The pair met in January at Dave and Buster’s, where Kazemi worked. “He was one of the nice guys who would talk to you, not like the other athletes,” said Brandon Millichamp to The Tennessean, who worked with Kazemi at the restaurant. “And she was a super sweet girl. I was surprised to hear about their dating and this was so out of the blue.”
Kazemi came to Nashville about four years ago with her at the time boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, who is not a suspect in the case. Norfleet and Kazemi broke up about six months ago, and that’s when she started hooking up with McNair.
Then in May, for her 20th birthday, McNair got her a black Cadillac Escalade. That weekend Kazemi’s family met McNair at a dinner. Kazemi also drove around town in McNair’s Bentley, telling those that would listen about McNair getting a divorce and eventually that the two would get married.
“We went out to dinner and she was so happy and was having fun. Were we happy about the relationship? No,” said Farzin Abdi, Kazemi’s nephew to the Tennessean. “I don’t know if he had filed for divorce but I thought it wouldn’t happen.”
The nephew appears right. With no divorce in sight, it sounds like McNair was doing what unfortunately so many pro athletes do - cheat on their spouses and lead a life supporting other women with the millions of dollars they make.
It sounds like McNair supported Kazemi, paying for things and taking her on trips to Key West in Florida, Las Vegas, California, Hawaii and McNair’s farm in Mississippi.
All this with his wife not being aware of it. McNair may have been a charitable guy with a good heart, but in the end, it sounds like his relationship with a 20-year-old woman not his wife was the one thing that broke the quarterback that was known to his teammates and fans to be indestructible.
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