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Holy Crap! I just dreamed MJ modified self to look like alien, has funeral in all religions and rises from dead after!

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07/05/2009 09:39 AM
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Holy Crap! I just dreamed MJ modified self to look like alien, has funeral in all religions and rises from dead after!

Last night (or just now) I drempt that Michael Jackson modified himself to look like an alien with the facial shape and those sunglasses on.

At the funeral all the people were cying and holding on to eachother mourning him. The funeral was at a huge outdoor sport venue with an open stadium. The stage was set in an Egyptian theme and it was a grand show with Egyptian dancers in ancient costumes lining the set; gold and blue lights whirling in the sky and a funeral pyre up high.

The crowd was huge and they were charged up. They were not there for a funeral, they were there for a second coming! The Egyptian dancers began to chant in low tones and all the lights go out and the only light is the bonfire up above the stage with a sarcophagus casket" of MJ behind. I see on the sarcophagus how much he looks like an alien and I thought, OK, now I get it, he was an alien!

Then I figure as I'm watching that these people ADORE HIM. They are weeping and throwing themselves on the ground... everyone is wailing. I know somehow that the service will be in ALL religions and everyone will understand in their language. The overwhelming feeling is that he is a martyr and died for everyone's sins. Then I get it that he's going to come back and it has something to do with ET's. I had the feeling that it all made sense why he was misunderstood and so quiet and meek. I also felt like either MJ was going to come back as the new savior or that this would spark a new religion emcompassing all the major religions since he tried them all. And there was something else about him being a Jehovah's Witness. In my dream I wondered if his coffin would ascend to heaven along with the other 140,000 or however many followers would go into a spacecraft.

The I woke up. Lately, I have not been able to remember dreams at all so it was fun to have such a vivid and colorful dream. I can't post a picture of MJ here with his new triangle face shape and sunglasses, maybe someone else can.