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Message Subject Sarah Palin -OBAMA'S worst Nightmare
Poster Handle bardos
Post Content
Sarah Palin is going to Washington to focus all her energy making Obama look like the jackass incompetant he really is.

So far, none of his programs have helped the economy. Sarah will be the one, who gets the press coverage and she will push an adgenda that will make the Democrats heads spin. She is gonna expose them all for what they are.

Just sayin
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 667286

the above post sounds like a supporter of mrs. palin.

dems / reps: what's the big difference between them?

personally, i felt embarrassed watching mrs. palin at her news conference announcing her retirement as alaska's governor. she is a terrible public speaker and seems to have an IQ of about 75 and only folks whose IQ is below that cannot see through her air-headedness.

she has two things going for her: 1) her looks and body which, unfortunately for her, are travelling in only one direction only, so she does have a win-by date. 2) her manner of speaking in simplistic cliches which hit the knee-jerk population of america.

mcCain must be ruing the day he selected her as running mate. kind of like frankenstein felt.
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