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Breaking McNair Shooting was Murder Suicide .

User ID: 721595
United States
07/09/2009 05:06 AM
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Breaking McNair Shooting was Murder Suicide .
McNairs iranian girlfriend killed him then herself ...the irnians girfreind's new Cadilac payments plus the old car she owned was not sold yet either proved to be too expensive for her.. her rent was going up also and she also followed a new woman home who was believed to be McNairs newest love interest ..he was a playa Aright ..with no intentions of giving any woman a sincere commitment . .she shoot him then while she was standing up, then she shoot her self and fell on the floor by him, that was why the gun was under her..it is believed he was "napping on the sofa" when she fired 4 shots into him ....did you hear that guys ..he had began yet another relationship with this new pickup . ., the wife get the estate now.. hooray for wife and kids . msnbc.com