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Message Subject Abducted woman - Alien fetus autopsy VIDEO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok so we have aliens in OUR planet? we need to publicly disclose their existence! BecAuse with them being real then the HUMAN race (me and you) will come together for one cause! we will give up on bullshit ass wars against eachother and unite to complete a more perfect planet and move on with our meaningfull lives! We need an event like this....it's the only thing that caN bring us together short of a war and unification by force
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 666788

What, do you work for the fucking BBC or something?

To whomever posted a BBC video: The BBC is the propaganda arm of the Illuminati. NOTHING they broadcast is not propaganda. London is the seat of the NWO Illuminati SATANIC cabal.

If human beings start to take care of the "alien" problem, they should start with LONDON and work out from there.

Briatain is the enemy of America. Never forget it.

OP, thank you for the weird vids. Could be true.
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