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Message Subject Abducted woman - Alien fetus autopsy VIDEO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Interesting twist on this come from this story

UFO Messages: Earth might be completely destroyed

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
In the last few months dramatic developments have occurred in regards to human/extra-terrestrial relations and communication. Small UFO probes communicating with earthlings have ceased sending their signals in mathematical sequences and are now using earthly languages to communicate. This has made the task of deciphering these messages totally superfluous. It has also made the UFO messages much clearer and has allowed for much more detail to be contained within the messages. It is believed that the decision to initially communicate in code was a choice and not a matter of capability. This alien civilization has in fact been watching humans and even discreetly guiding them for thousands of years.
It is now known that the civilization located in Andromeda Galaxy that is communicating with us via these UFO probes refer to themselves as ‘Axthadans’. They are approximately a thousand years ahead of humanity in terms of technology. Their appearance is akin to the race we refer to as ‘Greys’. This civilization has been entrusted by other more evolved aliens with the task of preparing humanity for possible integration into universal culture.
Axthadans are currently grooming over three hundred semi-technological civilizations for induction into a universal family of civilizations. Sadly, Most of these civilizations will not make it.

The Pentagon is now in possession of extensive footage and information regarding life on their planet: Axthada. This planet has been described as being of great beauty and it’s civilization as ‘utopian’ by earth’s standards.

It is now known that these aliens have issued earthlings with a warning: We have less than a decade to completely bring an end to all forms of warfare, racism, prejudice and economic exploitation. The Axthadans have sent messages stating that if we continue our evil ways we will destroy ourselves and this planet within fifty years.
In the event that aliens do disclose their presence to humanity and we continue to display any of these traits Planet Earth itself might have to be destroyed as a potential threat to universal harmony. In this scenario it is believed that innocent human victims of exploitation as well as other species will be resettled elsewhere .
In an ironic twist Axthadans are communicating with groups seen as perpetrators. As such immense pressure has been placed on the US administration. A decision was made to allow America’s economy to falter to allow for a redistribution of power and resources. Obviously the election of an African-American to the U.S Presidency was seen as a positive development by the Axthadans.
The question now is will this satisfy our alien custodians or will this be seen as mere window dressing? It is believed that the Axthadans mean business and will not tolerate any trace of the existing power-structure. Ego-driven and ultra-materialistic western culture seems slated for destruction.
Will Westerners adapt to a new reality where previously trodden on groups such as indigenous populations of countries like the US and Australia will be given leadership roles? Extraterrestrials have noted that the manner in which such groups were able to live for thousands of years in harmony with their environment translates into a safer, more peaceful universal existence. Western values of devour and destroy in an orgy of selfishness for the sole benefit of personal gain are said to be of immense concern to aliens.
We realise that many readers will find this information hard to believe, however for those who work on these issues on a daily basis it is all too real. Our sources are such individuals and we can reveal they are not just speaking to All News Web. Other publications have also been contacted.
In the words of Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a-changin’….again. Will humanity make the grade?
 Quoting: GONG

Babylonian JEWISH propaganda.
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