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Message Subject Abducted woman - Alien fetus autopsy VIDEO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
good stuff. But if we the entire world only have two years left I think I'd say a bit more considering we only have two years left.

what is there to loose in explaining more.

think about the implant in her brain...maybe something is impeding her to talk about some issues, maybe she can tell only what she is allowed to talk about by these visitors and not the whole story.

But seems like the 2 year left is related either to the war between these 2 factions, or more likely to a mass landing/discolusre of them, because she talk about shortly after saying "do not think they just come here to zig zag on the sky and then second later they leave and go back, they are already here, they live here and on the moon.

So maybe the 2 year is related to the end of their hiding but the intentions they have? that is not clear, and btw she says two races not one race with two different faction at war.

The second race seems to be hostile to the grays and trying now also hibridation of humans.
 Quoting: GONG

Both races seems hostiles to men, looks like they are parasits Races, and Human Kind are the perfects Hosts...

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