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Message Subject Abducted woman - Alien fetus autopsy VIDEO
Poster Handle first nations son
Post Content
This fetus is a reptilian hybrid at least that is what some peoples on other forum say.

It look like a reptilian small head with eyes, I am not saying it that is what other peoplea who are in this field since years are suspectiing, ence if that is true, the second race of aliens which she dont want to disclose (for fear of reprisals?) and who inseminated her are in war with the grays and that would be something new I never read so far.

She stressed a lot about the fact that they are already here and on the moon, and that they appear more and more, 2 year left for what? public apperance something different? scary if all aliens are su f..k ugly little demons looking creatures. I suppose the human looking ones are just fairy tales or whishfukkl thinking maybe the reality is much different.

Well that surely explains the presence of the millions of squirrels on the planet earth. And if this woman is being inseminated by them it is commonly referred to as beastiality. Now we have to insure that no astronaut who may ever step foot on the moon is a woman and also devise a plan to ship nuts to the moon as they must be having a hard time foraging.
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