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UFO arrival 2013, DARPA plans the party.

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

A few months ago I received a series of emails from someone calling herself Tina. 'Tina' claimed to have spent some time working within the Pentagon's DARPA agency rewriting and relaying messages regarding possible first contact with an alien race in the year 2013. This alien race is believed to be planning an open daylight landing of a UFO on Planet Earth.

As information was very compartmentalized within the environment that 'Tina' worked in her knowledge of details was sketchy.

My own research has led me to believe that contrary some of the information contained in Tina's emails, contact with aliens is not a two-way affair and does not involve unequivocal and unambiguous messages. Rather, DARPA has interpreted somewhat cryptic signals received by UFO probes as indicating an intention to initiate open contact in the year 2013.

While I am fairly certain that 'Tina' is genuine I also suspect her information might be incomplete.

Tina eventually felt too nervous about divulging government secrets to a media outlet. She sent me one further email, the details of which I did not publicise in the hope of getting more information. This was the last email I recieved from 'Tina'. I doubt we will recieve anything further.

Allegedly DARPA is toying with grand ideas for first contact that involve showcasing the best that human civilization has to offer.

The UFO welcoming party will include the heads of states of major nations, who will be given the choice of being present in the flesh or as a real-time hologram. The President of the United States and his family are expected to be present in hologram form only.

Major cultural icons will be invited to join the welcoming party. Individuals considered for this honor include Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson (obviously no longer possible) and Tom Cruise as well Intellectual and scientific icons such as Stephen Hawkins.

IT and business figures such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson will also be invited to the party.

It is believed that one place will be made available for a UFO researcher (Stanton Friedman?)

DARPA is unsure of where the arriving aliens are planning to land their UFO but it is believed it might be at a historical site such as the Greek Acropolis. Tina was aware of suggestions of some kind of 3D light show focusing on human achievement, peacefulness (yeah right) tolerance and ability to adapt.

I realise many UFO researchers will find this information hard to swallow. Before they pass judgement they should ask themselves whether it stands to reason that in the event of an open landing a welcoming party would be planned. They should also ask themselves what type of party 'the powers that be' would plan?

In doing so they might realise that indeed reality is often rather absurd. Let's just hope the arriving aliens approve of the party. Should they get violent, humanity might be robbed of it's best and brightest.
 Quoting: Seriously? 714162

are you straight facedly insinuating that the above list of "people" are in any way, shape, or form representative of "the best and brightest" that this planet has to offer?

now that's RICH...

however, considering the fact that the incoming "aliens" will be satan/lucifer and the dregs of the outcast fallen angels (soon to be duly dead aka blotted out) then perhaps you're correct in lining up these particular individuals as representative of those best suited to kiss their ass upon arrival...

yes, perfect choices in truth

the beauty of it is that it does indeed fit, proving once again that God is the author of all things regardless of pitch, including both sense of humor and the bitter irony validating life on earth's indeed a bitch...

having stephen hawkings and his "there is no god" banner on hand will be perfect, perhaps he can introduce himself and attempt to impress the faux christ with his theoretical brilliance by lip synching his theory of "Illegitimate Assumption"

that ought be a real ice breaker


I can see it now in my minds eye

and it just gets better from here...
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