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Message Subject Why Do Some People Talk So Loud?
Poster Handle gooderboy
Post Content
... cuz they're not listening to themselves.


I really don't think they realize how loud they are.
But every time we are out someone will tell them how loud they are talking.
Then they get embarrassed. I feel bad for her.
 Quoting: shouldbblonde

... exactly... lol, they don't 'real-ize' it cuz they're are not listening to/for it. And I mean, can't you tell when you are speaking loudly... and I mean, like take shouting for instance... even our inner vibrations felt from shouting are much stronger/more intense as well. She wants (herself) to be heard (by her) but she will not listen (to herself). In other words... she's got something a'goin' on inside of her that she just doesn't, no way and no how, wanna deal with... and not as of yet anyways.

It could be as simple as a left over childhood like thingy, and like she always had to shout over her family for to be heard. Or... it could be like some sorta self-worth kinda thang... and as in 'I just hafta attempt to always come up for my self all the more, and be heard by all... and cuz I really don't like myself all that much'. Or... she just may be of a demanding kinda ilk... or... lol, and on and on and on... and I don't know... what does she say when you ask her, what's going on for her, and when she's doin it?
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