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Message Subject Why Do Some People Talk So Loud?
Poster Handle gooderboy
Post Content

... I am sorry, but I tend to think/feel that she does know that she does it... or else, she wouldn't get all embarrassed by it when it's brought to her attention. And oh sure... maybe the first couple of times it might be a bit embarrassing, and cuz that would be sorta like a light bulb going off and letting her know that she wasn't aware of something that she's doing.... and thus.... there is something there that definitely needs to be addressed... at-tended to... dealt with... and/or taken care of.

And ya know what I mean?

Oh boy this is getting deep.

Do you think once she deals with the baggage her voice will lower?
 Quoting: shouldbblonde

... oh for sure... and not to say that them old kinda triggerings (and/or habitual like) are to be banished and/or never expected to return/show up now and again... the difference is though, that when they may show up she'll just be able to laugh at herself... and if she chooses, include any others around on why she's laughing (and for a gooder personally sincere like story, of course of course... which always but always tends to be most endearing, quality wise.... and ya know). After all, it's our life's stories, and our lessons learned, that makes us for who we are.
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