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Message Subject Why Do Some People Talk So Loud?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
... cuz they're not listening to themselves.


I really don't think they realize how loud they are.
But every time we are out someone will tell them how loud they are talking.
Then they get embarrassed. I feel bad for her.
 Quoting: shouldbblonde

Go get a DB meter ... Edmund Scientific.

It measures sound and can be set to trip a flashing light whenever the sound it too high.

Hang it around her neck.

Pavlov conditioning should kick in if she is willing to stick to it.

After a while hers voice will become normal.

Make sure she does not wear sun glasses as the flashing light has to get into her eyes in order to provide the feedback loop.

As a reward for trying to train the sound down,
Use Milk Bone puppy size. A human can eat them without a problem.

You get a little bag pouch to wear around your waist to carry the milk bones in.

As a side benefit if your friend has a weight problem the bones will cause her to lose weight and keep it off.

It is slow carb. food so it trips the full sensation of the stomach. She loses weight naturally and it stays off.

Works quite well.
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