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Anonymous Coward
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07/16/2009 12:56 PM
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Sanity is being able

to look through the deceptions, the masks and the tricks
that you and others are immersed in, are pushed into and
are continuously being subjected to,

or are causing, or aiding,


of course includes also the desire to do that looking
through deceptions, to exert that ability,


indeed to choose one's course of life and one's actions

- both towards oneself and towards others.

So you see (maybe if you read the definition again), that the
level or the amount of Sanity, of any person, is continuously
going up and down.

Also, your Sanity can be very high in some areas of life, in
some subjects and activities, and at the same time your Sanity
can be very low in another subject or part of life.

A typical example is the subject of Life Energy

- that what gives you emotions and your joy of life,
and what even determines most of your personal
and intimate relations, or the lack or failure of
it, and Life Energy also monitors directly your
ability to use your talents, as well as your
awareness of these -

which is that much hidden and not looked at, that most
people quite correctly could be considered highly lacking
in Sanity in that area.

Further, you can be aware of the fact, that a deception that you
are immersed in, is normally not visible to you or not felt by

which is obvious by the very definition of 'deception'
itself, as

it carries the intention of the person(s) who
deceive you, to bring that immersion about in you,

or the deceiver uses an already existing blindness
that you have to certain types of deception: He or
she makes use of a blindness, that has already been
installed in you.

To give an easy and common example:

By keeping boys and girls (or even men and
women) apart, or by not letting them talk with
each other about the feelings they have or do
not have for each other,

which exchange would be necessary,

to examine one's own feelings,

to compare these with other
feelings, and

to know and understand the
feelings of others, and

to compare these with one's OWN
standards and with one's OWN
goals for personal relations, and

to determine with whom one can
share, or chooses to share, or not
to share

which feelings, and how
intensely, and with what
responsibilities and what
intentions for another, you
desire to do so, and

to determine what feelings another
is able to share, or chooses to
share, or chooses not to share,

with what intentions and
responsibilities, or lack
of these, another shares
or desires to share his or
her feelings,

or how many feelings and
intentions he or she may
hide, or pretend, or deceive
you and others or even
himself or herself about,

by preventing that exchange to occur, and thus
preventing that understanding to come about,

you are creating so many blind spots,

that "men can not understand women" or

that "women can not understand men."

And you have been made extremely vulnerable

by not understanding these feelings of
yourself or of others,

and you find it difficult to choose which
feelings to express - when and to whom, and
how much or how little, or "maybe better not
at all,"

and it has made you very, very unhappy at

The whole matter has gotten so bad, that you are
taught that "you HAVE to deceive others," or even

in order to try and achieve fulfillment or

...rather than expressing your feelings,

rather than showing these and talking about them
with others (not with hateful or insane individuals,
of course, but with normal people)

of whom you know they do appreciate that you
show them your true feelings.

Who do YOU like most? Those who express their
true feelings towards you.

So, if you want to become popular...

A Sane person looks through the deceptions, and treats people
as they are.

And that is a tremendous joy, because there is nothing
more beautiful and more lovable, than people as they
really are.

Also, normal people love to be really looked at, to be
really seen as they are.

How much does it cost you, to do them that biggest favor of

Nothing other than you exerting your desire to be Sane.

Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet