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Message Subject David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, Steve McNair, and now Walter Cronkite
Poster Handle MuzicSoulWorldly
Post Content
Remember how God told John the Baptist in the Book Of Revelation about the prophecies, the thunders of the 6th Seal, and to shut them up for they were reserved to be revealed and understood at the end ? Well, look in this book, you can download it for free. Just come to this with an opened-mind because you never know when it could be the right person. You see, we have been waiting for 2,000 years now for all of these End-Time events to commence, we have become so complacent that we won't remember the warnings and signs and wonders that God provided for us as a means to know when certain things were to be taking place. Now, obviously there are many false prophets, so many in fact that when the real ones voice themselves, we can't even recognize the real ones from the false ones because we just dismiss all of them as being false, especially if they are not 100% totally perfect in their ways, but let's not forget that even God's chosen elected ones are not perfect, they lead a life of tribulation too, a spiritual tribulation, because they still sin, but they have to repent and sincerely be asking for forgiveness.

But anyhow, read this book, but most especially the part regarding the 7 Thunders, because one of the 7 Thunders deals with the deaths of notable people with increasing frequency, and that goes the same with all of these 7 Thunders, they gradually grow more and more frequently. This person may not be the real deal, but maybe he is, we just don't know, but I have read both of his books in their entirety, and I must say that especially after reading his last 2 chapters of both of his 2 books, I have begun to see much mroe clearly about God's real and true purpose and plan for his creations, for mankind, and for his angels, and when you truly grasp what his purpose for mankind is, you begin to realize just how much of a giving God he really truly is.

His books can be found on [link to www.The-End.Com] and his "2008 - God's Finals Witness" book is the one that contains the 7 Thunders.

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