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Subject Response to the "Why Should We Be So Tolerant? (Politically Correct) " thread
Poster Handle Reece2076
Post Content
I posted this same reply in that thread. However since it will probably get buried somewhere on page 5, I decided to post the same comment in its own thread.

According​ to the poll results 90% of Americans are afraid to be real. I voted no so I am in the 10% minority of Americans who aren't afraid to be real. Though I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise to me since my IQ is also in the top 10% of Americans.

In my opinion the downfall of man in general are his emotions. When I say man I include women too. Though women tend to be more emotional, there are many men who are controlled by their emotions as well.

Hate and vengeance are right there at the top of the list of useless emotions that have long been the downfall of man. When people are full of hate they tend not to think rationally and make decisions solely on how they are feeling.

When you place someone in the position of power and authority who is too emotional, it always leads to trouble. Whether its a male or female, politician, cop, teacher, judge, military officer, sport official/referee, forum mod/admin etc.

To answer the question about "tolerance" I think you can answer that for yourself. Take a few minutes to think about why you have several mods, who YOU instruct to delete certain posts and threads. Think about why this message appears so often "Sorry, that message is no longer in the database." Think about why so many people get banned from YOUR forum. Then you will have answered your own question. Why you're at it look up the word hypocrite.

Woops did I just say all that. I hope someone doesn't get all emotional and decide to delete this or ban me. Maybe I should learn to be more politically correct or tolerant of those who hate.
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