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Message Subject Response to the "Why Should We Be So Tolerant? (Politically Correct) " thread
Poster Handle Reece2076
Post Content

What do you think of my comment about "hating" and "haters"?

well I disagree

I think hate is an important and valid emotion

I think hate is nothing more than " strongly disagree" is it not?

So one should be able to feel the emotion of "strongly disagreeing" no matter what you call that emotion

otherwise how do you really know right from wrong?
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

People "hate" for different reasons but it almost always serves no purpose.

Let me give you a real life example from this forum to put things into perspective. I had a discussion recently with someone who will remain nameless who is an admitted racist. When I say admitted, I mean I asked him directly if he would consider himself a racist and he admitted he is.

We went on to have a lengthy conversation about his beliefs. The conversation consisted of well thought out opinions, and factual data presented by both of us. While I disagreed with much of what he said I didn't hate him for it. At the same time when I asked if he was also a bigot who was intolerant and hated all black people he said no. He said he hasn't met all black people or enough to say he hates black people (I'm paraphrasing).

I don't know what he thinks of me as an individual, but left the conversation still having respect for him. Mostly because we were able to have a logical conversation about race without getting all emotional. Also I respect the fact that he is one of the few people who is a racist that can admit it.

So my point is you can disagree with someone or an ideal, without hating. I will reiterate my point that hate has been the downfall of man. Most wars, fights, divorces, etc are a result of people hating others. Hate is several steps past strongly disagreeing with someones views lifestyle etc. The only way any nation past or present can convince young men and women to kill on its behalf is by programming them to hate the other side. It's either hate for their race, political beliefs or religion.

I think you may be familiar with the slang term "hater", but for those who aren't I'll elaborate. Player hater or "hater" is a term used to describe losers who are often jealous of others they view who are "better" than them. Maybe its because they see someone else as better looking, has more money, has a better car, stronger, gets more women/men etc. These "haters" tend to always remain losers in life because they spend too much time and energy hating on others.

Now I'm not saying that the only reason people hate is out of jealousy, but the same idea holds true about how hate just holds you down. You are retired so you have more money and time on your hands to ponder such things. But I see many others on this forum who are full of hate. They hate on other races, others sexual orientation, politicians, the rich, etc. etc. Then I see these same people whining on others threads about why their life is so terrible and how they can't wait for doom. It's no surprise that these same people often blame others for their misfortunes. Then you see the same hypocrites complaining about certain races who blame others for their misfortunes.
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