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Message Subject GLP Experiment - Stop censoring threads/posts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We have a small contingent of very dedicated trolls who would love nothing better than posting as much inflammatory crap as they could to drive away traffic.

Let em do it..it will drive away all the fuckwits as well.

Most of the trolls on here are thin skinned brainless fucks...so..a little "inflamtory" posting might scare them away.

At the end of the week BAN them all and we will be left with the very serious posters and hardcore GLP crowd who have been coming here for years and all the poofy softcock thinskinned tards will find some other "overly tollerant" forum..like AE to go and fuck up..and WE can get back to the good old days again like it was back in 2003-4 before all the tards showed up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 729208

Yup, we really need to lower the political corectness here. No doubt, ATS, Dicke`s forum etc are far less free, but we still need an improvement.
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