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Message Subject GLP Experiment - Stop censoring threads/posts
Poster Handle Evil Twin
Post Content
It's not an easy line to straddle. We try to allow people to express themselves as freely as possible without getting stigmatized as a "hate" site.

We all want the site to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

I was just about to respond to your response to me but then I saw this. What is your opinion of Trinity's pinned thread about political correctness and hate? Because it seems like you also agree with a certain level of being politically correct and using tact; as I'm sure Trinity is since he is the one who makes the rules here about what people can and cannot post.
 Quoting: Reece2076

I think that not being "politically correct" does not equate to hate.

I think some tact is necessary in civilized society, but it goes too far when people feel like they can't express their disapproval of something.

For instance, homosexuality turns my stomach at some levels. I think it's unnatural. But I don't hate gay people. I do hate that it's being pushed on us so hard that being gay is perfectly normal.

For the record, I've never gotten any direct instruction from Trinity or anyone else on what to allow and what to not allow, other than no brainers like death threats and DMCA violations. We all use our own discretion and only hear about it if we're fucking up.
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