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Message Subject GLP Experiment - Stop censoring threads/posts
Poster Handle 9teen.47
Post Content
uni OP,

The trouble with what you are saying is that it does not work. Let me give you some actual examples.

1...DIY suicide tips, along with how to make poison gas from household chemicals threads.

2...Posts on other threads (Don't worry Evil Twin we jump on em real quick) about green lasers to blind pilots eyes.

3...Race hatred. Now I have plenty to say about blacks, Satanists and so on. But at the end of the day,I would like to think that if I saw someone drowning, that I would throw them a lifeline and worry about skin color or whatever afterwards.

Now my particular fault is PUI (Posting Under the Influence) and I have had a couple of threads deleted. And upon sober reflection it was probably for the best.

edit And what about direct links to the most disgusting porno imaginable. Is that OK?
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