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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle Avian
Post Content
you really cant win with the police...I am sure he was pissed...I am sure the police were white which doesnt help...he was tired...and there is a huge history of racial profiling in this country but it didnt start out randomly...racial tensions are still high in this country

its high for most people tired of being harrassed by the police...some police are good guys...half are inbred morons with a power complex

you almost cant win

best thing to do is try to get involved and know your officers...I do only through the fire department

produce the information they want..when they want it...most problems go away

if you are going to plan a confrontation...make sure your are right...are courteous...and are polite...know the law...but be ready for the confrontation to turn sour..then back off
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