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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle Reece2076
Post Content
a normal person would have been glad that police responded to the neighbors cll it would have save a life of an ennocent victim inside..but NoooooGates gets mad that he has prove his nenity he is abve the law remember cause he is Black officer get id checks from identicle calls afte the fu ck ing front door has just been knock in..this idiot want free money so he showed his black ass to stir up more shit any ne ele would have been grateful that poice acted swiftlyand throughly .now some lawyer will sue just because police did a through investigation of this forced break in in a residenntual area ...he teches at college rather amazing that he objected to the id check . these Black attention hog luns continue to step over all bars of normal commom sense ..
 Quoting: anonymous 730037

Somehow I doubt money was a motivating factor here.
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