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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle AsperGirl
Post Content
Pretty black and white case here.

Gates should have cooperated fully and thanked the officer for checking on his home and being so concerned.

Anyone of any color would get arrested for the same behavior in this case.

Fact is that whites get less slack than others in cases like these because of expectations.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 730909

He was acting like a hostile protester or activist, being loud and demanding the cops' badge number, etc. Liberal academic protestors like to do that kind of stuff. I'm sure those cops have seen plenty of that from white academics without arresting them.

On the other hand, while I doubt that a white professor would have been put through what he was put through, when you get up in some cop's face and start pushing their buttons, you should be prepared to take the consequences.

IMO, it was racist for the cops to arrest him for that. But he should have been prepared to be treated like a hostile protester since he was acting like one.
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