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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The cop said this"He was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after police said he "exhibited loud and tumultuous behavior." He was released later that day on his own recognizance. An arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 26."

Disorderly conduct on his own property?

Tumultuous behavior?

After the person had shown his ID, which he did, the cop should of left. PERIOD>>>>

His ID defines that he is the person that lives at the address.

Cop had to "save face"!

What we don't know is who is the neighbor, did he or she have a problem with the professor in the past?

If I saw one of my neighbors busting in their own door, I would not be calling the cops. I know my neighbors....
What about the civil rights of the professor?

You know about the powerplays that cops are doing to 'everyone', right?

I hope the professor wins big time over this in court.
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