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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle doomass
Post Content
Was this a racist incident?
Yes. But it wasn't the police that were racist, it was the "professor".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 728718

About 12 yrs ago I was witnessing what I thought was a break in and called 911. Police showed up and took away two (white) kids. I found out that it was one of the kids that lived there and a friend spending the night who had left the keys inside the house. Unfortunately for the parents, the police apparently see a bong on a table and from there it got worse. They end up finding 2 lbs of (bagged for resale) weed and numerous bags of meth. I'd been living across the street from them for 5 yrs and from where I was at, it looked like 2 people breaking into a home. I could tell they were white, but couldn't make out their faces. Like the professor, the kids were inside the house when police showed up. Also like the professor, it looked like 2 people breakin into a house. I would have called police regardless of the color of potential assholes tryin to take what isn't theirs. He could have let them in and showed pictures on the mantle of him accepting awards. Once the police went inside of the house in my case, they found a completely different story. In the professor's case, had someone actually broke in and police hadn't shown up, seems he would've called it racism too. He needs to tell authorities and neighbors to only call police when they see NON BLACK people layin a shoulder into his door.

20 yrs ago I was picked up by police while waiting for a bus after work. The reason being was they were looking for the Fife rapist and I resembled him BECAUSE I'M WHITE. Luckily I didn't freak out and had ID and work numbers to prove who I was and where I'd been.

Shit happens and he should have dealt with it waaaaay different with his so called upper crust edjumacashun. Educated people with a chip on their shoulder are many times more dangerous than the thugs actually breakin into your home. He's an ASSHOLE.
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