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Message Subject Black Harvard Professor Arrested After Being Accused of Breaking Into His Own Home
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
arrested then let go...its funny he wouldnt show the police his ID..sounds alot like the Obama birth certificate idealogoy

anyways he was let go

thanks god for watchful neighbors

the story could of been like this

two black men were seen by neighbors breaking into the house...didnt want to get involved...said nothing

the professor comes back to find his house valuables stolen and his house ransacked

the professor talks to his neighbors and asks "why when you saw people breaking into my house didnt you say or do anything, you could have called the police

the neighbor says, well we didnt want to get involved for fear of retailiation

just saying

No offense Reece...stories can go both ways
 Quoting: Avian

No one questions them showing up. But if it was a break-in, first of all would they be breaking down the door in an upscale community apparently in the daytime? They had already gained access by the back door. And, would a burglar have ID with the same address?

Lame. Sorry, this story goes only one way. That the "black" may have pissed off the "white" and in this case, the "white" had the gun, the badge and the corresponding "attitude".

Hopefully, he'll get a book deal.
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