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Three Days of Darkness : Discussion Do you Believe or DisBelieve This Prophecy and Why?

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07/21/2009 03:40 PM
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Three Days of Darkness : Discussion Do you Believe or DisBelieve This Prophecy and Why?
3 Days Of Darkness (trailer)

Note: This trailer has been rated-X by the Philippine Censorship Board, MTRCB.
According to them, it is "Full of nudity and gore. Not fit for public exhibition."

Filmless Films presents
This is not a film by Khavn

Starring Katya Santos, Gwen Garci, & Precious Adona
Featuring Bugz Daigo

WHEN: December 12 (Wednesday) to December 24, 2007
WHERE: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, and Robinsons Bacolod

[link to kulastalon.multiply.com]

Kimberly (Katya Santos), Michiko (Gwen Garci), and Isabel (Precious Adona) are trapped inside their house when the apocalyptic prophecy happens. Khavn draws on the Book of Revelation for one of the most frightening phenomenon prophesied to happen. Three girls are trapped in their home as the Three Days of Darkness descend on the Earth and they must cope and try to fend off the demons that have come to take them. A chilling vision of God's Wrath or of people imposing God's Wrath on one another, the film frightens with its questions as much as it does with its sounds and visuals.

Armageddon stretches into three long days, trapping three women in a house as darkness shrouds over the world and fulfills the doomsday prophecy. As they claw and feel their way around the ominous old house, the women are confounded with their demons within and the demons unleashed on earth. The suffocating, palpable dark turns every second into an agonizing eternity and they are catapulted into choosing between ways to combat their mortal dread --- turning to religion for any desperate hope of redemption or satiating their lustful desires for one another in what could be their last remaining hours.

Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
MTRCB rating: R-18


Scriptural Evidence for The Three Days of Darkness...

"In a time of deceit telling the truth is revolutionary act." - George Orwell