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Message Subject California moves 1 step closer to legalizing Marijuana
Poster Handle Reece2076
Post Content
$18 for every $1000 in sales is 1.8% tax. I wouldn't call that high. I would gladly pay a 10% tax if I could get good quality legal bud from a store. I would know that I'm getting the exact quantity I paid for. I wouldn't have to worry about getting robbed, or arrested. The benefits definitely out weigh the only negative, which is the added tax. And like I said before eventually the price for the weed would come down once it's legal. Which is also one of the top reasons why weed should be legal.

pfft, oh ok. i read it wrong. i thought it said they were raising it to 18%. lol sorry. yeah 1.8% isn't bad. that's NOT where it will stay though. it will go the same route as tobacco eventually.
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Probably. Of course how bad it is all depends on the price of weed in the first place. I think a pack of cigarettes contains about an 1/8 to a 1/4 oz of tabacoo. Including tax you pay $10 or less for a pack of cigarettes. The same amount of illegal marijuana costs $40 to $80 without tax. So if they can reduce the price of weed including tax to $10 - $20 a pack that would be great.
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