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Message Subject California moves 1 step closer to legalizing Marijuana
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
$18 for every $1000 in sales is 1.8% tax. I wouldn't call that high. I would gladly pay a 10% tax if I could get good quality legal bud from a store. I would know that I'm getting the exact quantity I paid for. I wouldn't have to worry about getting robbed, or arrested. The benefits definitely out weigh the only negative, which is the added tax. And like I said before eventually the price for the weed would come down once it's legal. Which is also one of the top reasons why weed should be legal.

pfft, oh ok. i read it wrong. i thought it said they were raising it to 18%. lol sorry. yeah 1.8% isn't bad. that's NOT where it will stay though. it will go the same route as tobacco eventually.
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unlike tobacco, cannabis is easy to grow anywhere. And if you grow it yourself for medical reasons? No tax. That's why it can't be gouged with tax like tobacco in the end.
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