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Subject God's plan for restoration of mankind back to Himself_choose now evil or good Satan-(illuminati or GOD-Jesus)
Poster Handle funk space brother
Post Content
God's plan for restoration of mankind back to Himself. From the beginning of time to the end, God has had an overridding plan. Man has a part to play to please God, to know and have relationship with Him. It is called the pathway of Covenant.

People and the Church are confussed many times by their understanding of how God wants us to grow this relationship and our responsibility and the blessing that comes from its fulfillment. On the other hand, there are opposing spiritual forces that have the same stratagy ie. to have us choose them (devils) as the recipients of our persuit, increased relationship and covenant.

We have termed this deceiptive covenant offered to us as Counter-Covenant. Nephilim, devils and demons, who they are and how they are different and where they came from are subjects we explore from an ancient Hebrew perspective, focusing on the ancient Biblical text, its social, economic, religious, mediforical and historical context.

There are two brides at the end of the Bible, one that is separated from power and authority and God, another that is raised up in power, authority, and intimacy with God. We are all being prepared to be a bride.

u must choose now choose evil aka illuminati (satan devil demons nephilim giants )

or God (Jesus)sanada... funk space brothers
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