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Message Subject God's plan for restoration of mankind back to Himself_choose now evil or good Satan-(illuminati or GOD-Jesus)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I find it interesting how the souls are always put in the position of being weaker, or needing saving.... Has anyone ever thought that just maybe the souls are down here to save the daemons???? Why would God give up on his own angels who made a mistake dropping into another plane???? If he gives up on them, then why would he give us more chances???? Maybe the daemons need a way out of this plane and the only way is through enlightenment, merging with soul and spirit in body.... Just a thought.... In occult literature it is said alot, "They want you to believe you are what they are". Maybe they are the fearful ones needing teaching, needing love, having fallen so low from their previous estate that they are fearful of even finding love from anything.... How many mistakes do you get before you're not loved anymore? Love will always be the greatest power on Earth.
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