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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
If you aren't familiar with Jung and the concept of the collective unconscious you may find interesting reading there.

It's scary ground to tread on to say the following:

There are certain natural laws which our interest in science violates. One of them is eugenics. That's become a dirty word thanks to political correctness.

If we look at it from a health perspective instead of tying it to racism or nationalism, though, it does make sense.

People. They screw everything up. Heh.
 Quoting: My Take 673609

Carl Jung was not a stupid man-in fact he has probably enlightened many areas by his work on symbolism.

Collective consciousness is reasonable but Jung I sense had an agenda so I am cautious-

Mengele developed a major program therein-

Minimizing aberrations is a great ideal-The question is in who is in control-Many who would be in control of such programs are far from superior genetics(meaning few anomalous or defective)

Seems it demonstrates a lack of understanding in how things have been set up-in fact those who would perpetrate this on the 'weaker' in society, are doomed by their own hand. In an ideal world it would not be so problematic. In all good consciousness though, I cannot support what I have been seeing for decades-purposeful-controlled genocides of certain groups-extermination of groups or tribes of people by a group that has little compassion-although they claim it...Fabian in all ways...

Like when the elite harvest organs off those less fortunate...Recently an Arab man tried to pull this with an Phillipino wife(and he was going to get her kidney I believe) He was caught and turned down...Pakistan and India are hit by many $$$$$ for organs from their living...elitists are called that for a reason
Certain countries do not legally allow this as well-

And there really is a blackmarket for this as well-fits in with eugenics-

since 1997-dna repository(from newborns without parental consent) opening the door to using your DNA in any way they want...
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