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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

mcdonalds surely leads to early death

flintstones sold cigarettes for nanny world order

all doctors think Camel cigarettes are the best

1950s radioactive dirt...for a model

Should see their Lysol commercial for feminine hygiene-so safe women can use lysol every day for it...

First they push consumerism and the credit con then decades later they scream environmentalism

Why have one car when you can have 2

Project Paperclip(Operation Fastens)...how does it tie in with the Mindwars at hand-the paper by Michael Aquino?...for the military as he was heading NSA then I think. Project 63??? The big plan to exterminate most and leave a few to be slaves-programmed
like Doctor Green(mengele)
Doctor White(Ewne Cameron of Canada)
Doctor Blue(Mueller) and Doctor Black(Aquino)-programmers well known...techniques developed from Paperclip

hf for truth ugly as it may be

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