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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
 Quoting: A_Leopard_Sanctuary

Thanks hf

Ewen Cameron

master of electroshock TORTURE, in 1961, at an institution-60000 people he supervised electroshock as it was administered

These "doctors" knew precisely how much torture...to illicit certain results...Mengele led the way with his documents and records of studies done...USA got all that stuff for the most part and MANY of the programmers and eugenicists-their ideology came with them. Creating Manchurians,MPD,DID...leading society like a herd-using methods and madness driving the masses like a Pavlovian dog.


How the agenda is playing out...

Larry King,Bill Clinton discussing eugenicist Ted Turner-who gave billions to UN for eugenic type programs:
(psychic 'driving') seems many are going homicidal and suiciding...or having DANGERous accidents...

Using aspartame, fluoride, mercury...brainwashing the masses into abysmal ignorance-EMF/RF abounds-polluting everything...causing disease and dysfunction

The never ending programming-good video-

Manipulation of weather

manipulation of EM fields and heating ionosphere
HAARP's magnetic manipulation...


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