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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the word Eugenics
seems like two words
EU and GEN-xx

eu - greek means ' wide' or 'wide-face'
gen- english, part of DNA and RNA
^sounds like arabic -jin , jinn
or chinese - yin - heaven
'wi-de' heavenly dream
like wide heaven or wide-face

FACE - a faze for-Power--Light -
a symbol - a face of god
also face as power as in a circuit or spyral - cosmic ray?

E = mc^2 or area A => the area of a circle, "A=Pi*r^2",
like in a dream A=E

da ja vu

-------------------------------- [link to www.davidicke.com]

hi people, about 7-8 years ago I had a dream that I was at a party at a location I had never been to and with guests i had never met, it was normal dream but for some reason it stuck with me. a few years later btween xmas and new year 2005 myself and some friends were havin a random drive about and we ended up on this long narrow country road which lead to the house in my dream, it was identical to my dream even down to the smallest details, so what i want to know is, is this da ja vu or something else coincedence or a dream of past memories/life. I hope this is the right section.


It is the path you take through life, like fate or destiny, but you're in control over it, you're drawing it out as you go. This is a bit 'out there', but the dimensions of reality we know as time are rather tertiary relative to other dimensions, even the energy field of consciousness. Just as DNA contains a self-correcting code of genetic information based on the double helix symmetry, the whole of a person's physiology is likewise self-correcting, and this is important. Dreams are a part of that self-correcting system, kind of like a hair brush for the synapses, to comb out the tangles, so to speak. Dreams are often weird and symbolic because they take the underlying shape of things into account, not just the "movie"
presented to our 5-senses. Consider Einstein's famous equation "E=m*c^2", and if you look closely, it's merely the formula for the area of a circle, "A=Pi*r^2", very simple and elegant. In our dreams, the "E" and the "A" are interchangeble in that pattern. So, my theory is this: you have a natural rhythm in your experiences in life, that rhythm or pattern is the same even though circumstances are always changing, like momentary self-fulfilling prophecies. That dream and that deja vu, it's a positive development, that you're mastering that rhythm, learning to anticipate what will happen next.

Alot of people think Eugenics "died out" at the end of WWII... thank you for showing that is definitely not the case.

The New Eugenics is to be found in the results and applications of the Human Genome Project and the next steps are to clone or rather "create sperm" and "create eggs" taht contain just the DNA and mtDNA the Eugenists are looking for, then with forced abortion and the even forced impegnatation implanet zoogotes into what are essentially slave wombs to "create a new Human race". This is NOT science fiction, but rather a Eugentics Science Goal and Project.

The Effort will be to build a society along the lines of a Bee Hive.. with a Queen (only her DNA and mtDNA will be synthesized and used for 'production'), soliders, workers (of all levels), those who's destinies are to be nothing more than WOMBS to incubate, give birth, and feed the new young (of all castes), and the sexual slaves.

The shear reduction in the human gentic diversity will of course make it very easy for nature to decimate the human population.

I guess what I have presentd here is "Eugenics 170".

Holy shit! Your comment gave me goosebumps.
Here's why...

People who report being abducted by aliens describe the aliens as a hive-like species. The greys are the workers while the taller, better looking, usually female aliens are in charge...sort of like the queen.

Now, this is even more shocking:

There was a medical study conducted on test subjects in New Mexico, who were given intravenous DMT. A good portion of the subjects reported bizarre abduction like scenarios. A few in particular described the alien types who operated in like a bee-hive structure.
Read the book: "DMT: The Spirit Molecule"

My theory is that our mind can connect to other dimensions and DMT is one substance that can make it extremely easy for humans to connect to those dimensions.
DMT does exist naturally in small amounts in the human body and could be an explanation for spiritual and alien abduction experiences.

This particular alien dimension, which our mind connects to while on DMT, could be a future dimension.

Aliens could be humans thousands or hundreds of thousands of years in the future.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 731999

The term jinn is also applied to a wide range of phenomena which, according to most of the classical commentators, indicate certain sentient organisms of so fine a nature and of a physio­logical composition so different from our own that they are not normally accessible to our sense-perception. We know, of course, very little as to what can and what cannot play the role of a living organism; moreover, our inability to discern and observe such phenomena is by no means a sufficient justification for a denial of their existence. The Quran refers often to "the realm which is beyond the reach of human perception" (aI-ghayb), while God is frequently spoken of as "the Sustainer of all the worlds" (rabb al-alameen): and the use of the plural clearly indicates that side by side with the "world" open to our observation there are other "worlds" as well - and, therefore, other forms of life, different from ours and presumably from one another, and yet subtly interacting and perhaps even permeating one another in a manner beyond our ken. And if we assume, as we must, that there are living organisms whose biological premises are entirely different from our own, it is only logical to assume that our physical senses can establish contact with them only under very exceptional circumstances: hence the description of them as "invisible beings". Now that occasional, very rare crossing of paths between their life-mode and ours may well give rise to strange - because unexplainable - manifestations, which man's primitive fantasy has subsequently interpreted as ghosts, demons and other such "supernatural" apparitions.

Occasionally, the term jinn is used in the Quran to denote those elemental forces of nature -including human nature - which are "concealed from our senses inasmuch as they manifest themselves to us only in their effects but not in their intrinsic reality. Instances of this connotation are found, e.g., in 37:158 ff. (and possibly also in 6:100), as well as in the earliest occurrence of this concept, namely, in 114:6.

Apart from this, it is quite probable that in many instances where the Qur~an refers to jinn in terms usually applied to organisms endowed with reason, this expression either implies a symbolic "personification' of man's relationship with 'satanic forces' (shaytan) - an implication evident. e.g.. in 6:112, 7:38, 11:119, 32:13 - or, alternatively, is a metonym for a person 's preoccupation with what is loosely described as "occult powers". whether real or illusory, as well as for the resulting practices as such. like sorcery, necromancy. astrology, soothsaying. etc.: endeavours to which the Quran invariably refers in condemnatory terms (cf. 2:102 ; also 6:128 and 130, or 72:5-6).

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as they are made of a little bubbles - so
A is a dream of E
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