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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Nice thread shadow dancer,operation paper clip=time capsule=stock market=tiger woods.amazing i have been crabing in rocker fellow refuge=cameron parish la.

Time stands still in true light peace to you hf i here there is a crab shortage some were else on earth.
 Quoting: messageinlightbulb"DJED P 730615

Thx message hf

agenda 21
"Dr. Labow said that at the UN request, WHO and FAO both operate and fund codex alimentarius, which is to be implemented globally on Dec 31, 2009, which will result in at least 3 billion deaths, 1 billion through starvation, 2 billion from diseases of malnutrition. So, you want clean food & water? The fed govt wants to control all water, including the rainwater in your bucket. They're trying to ban organic gardening, including home gardens!"
Many are fed up with all this talk about the H1N1 virus, government planning mass mandatory vaccinations, FEMA Emergency camps and Pharma Sorcerers such as Roche, GSK, Baxters and Bayer raking in Billions from the millions of innocent deaths? monSATAN with their FRANKENFOODS hf Inappropriate use of antibiotics on farm animals-Congressional hearing:

[link to www.ucsusa.org]

[link to www.consumerhealth.org]

helpful info to be aware of-
[link to search.state.gov]

take care rose

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