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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Eugenics is the only way to stop overpopulation from destroying the planet. Eugenics is the only way to make an efficient, coordinated attempt to progress into space and beyond.

Make way for Human 2.0 because we are the last few generations of 'natural' humans ever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 709572

Most people 30 or under are much weaker than the older models-many doctors/flight paramedics/military(old school) have talked at length with me about this. They are physically weaker in endurance...when they are ill they do not recover very quickly-they are injured easily...many are literal couch potatoes...they can barely get off the couch or out of bed let alone planting gardens or making firewood...

What is going on??? Admittedly few exercise regularly-many consider walking to the bathroom exercise...honestly...The amount of people who lay in bed all day because their back hurts...1-3 days with injury is understandable but how do they figure laying in bed is going to help. I am not referring to only adults-the kids are wimps-really!!! While the public is fed stories of the need to taser a 6 yr old in cuffs or a 13 yr old that is 200 lbs....cannot be serious-200 lbs-they fall hard...and then these older couchers agree-the kids now days are violent...naturally-they watch torture and murder and all manner of trauma programming-THEY ARE BEING BLOODED-easy pickings-believing anything they are told by politicians or media and discounting their fellow man.


Eugenics is a problem because those who would be making the calls are mutts themselves-many of the "bloodlines" are not as they should be-if we are going to allow kings and queens over us let them at least be pure-not mongrels-Mongrels are tool for the hidden-for if anyone supports this I have to wonder about their bloodline...are they so sure they would be free and clear??? they ought to check-or fall victim to their own idiocy.

Stupid is as stupid does...nature is inherently guided beyond human understanding-Likewise many 'humans' think themselves more than they are-and sadly they will surely learn the truth and it will NOT SUPPORT their superiority complex.


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