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Message Subject Eugenics 101
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[link to www.beyondweird.com]
all of this changed dramatically at the end of the 1919 when hitler met
dietrich eckart. Most biographers have underestimated the influence that eckart exerted on hitler. He was the wealthy publisher and editor-in-chief of an anti-semitic journal which he called 'in plain german'. eckart was
also a committed occultist and a master of magic. as an initiate, eckart belonged to the inner circle of the thule society as well as other esoteric orders.

Briefly, the creed of the Thule society inner circle is as follows: Thule was a legendary island in the far north, similar to Atlantis, supposedly the center of a lost, high-level civilization. However, not all secrets of that
civilization had been completely wiped out. Those that remained were being guarded by ancient, highly intelligent beings (similar to the "masters" of theosophy or the white brotherhood). The truly initiated could establish
contact with these beings by means of magic-mystical rituals. The "masters" or "ancients" allegedly would be able to endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of these energies the goal of the initiated was to create a race of supermen of "aryan" stock who would exterminate all "inferior" races.

There can be no doubt that eckart - who had been alerted to hitler by other Thulists - trained hitler in techniques of self confidence, self projection, persuasive oratory, body language and discursive sophistry. With these tools, in a short period of time he was able to move the obscure workers party from the club and beer hall atmosphere to a mass movement. The emotion charged lay speaker became an expert orator, capable of mesmerizing a vast audience.

One should not underestimate occultism's influence on hitler. his subsequent rejection of free masons and esoteric movements, of theosophy, of anthrosophy, does not necessarily mean otherwise. Occult circles have long been known as covers for espionage and influence peddling. hitler's spy apparatus under canaris and heydrich were well aware of these conduits, particularly from the direction of britain which had within its mi5 intelligence agency a department known as the occult bureau.

from "The Unknown Hitler" by Wulf Schwartzwaller, Berkeley Books, 1990
[link to www.beyondweird.com] /ufos/Bruce_Walton_The_Underground_Nazi_Invasion_44.html

the men behind hitler - excerpts from the book by bernard schreiber

Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) was an English political economist and historian who in 1796 published a book called "an essay on the principle of population" in which he said that poverty, and thereby vice and misery, are unavoidable because population growth always exceeds food production.
checks on population growth were wars, famine, and diseases

Francis Galton (1822-1911) was an english psychologist and a half-cousin of darwin. Galton extended darwin's theory into a concept of deliberate social intervention, which he said was a logical application of evolution to the human race. he called his theory "eugenics", the principle of which was that by encouraging better human stock to breed and discouraging the reproduction of less desirable stock, the whole race could be improved.

Modern racism really began with Arthur Count de Gabon (1816-1882) who published his "essay on the inequality of human races". He wrote in of a fair-haired Aryan race that was superior to all the others whose remnants constituted a tiny racial aristocracy decaying under the overwhelming
weight of inferior races. a revival of his work in germany began ten years after his death by the pan-germans, an extremely nationalistic and anti-jewish group.

In 1899, Gabon's disciple, Houston Stewart Chaimberlain (1844-1927), an englishman, published "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century", in germany. He upheld the german race to be the purest and damned the inferior races, the jews and negroes, as degenerate. from this point on, eugenics, social darwinism and racial hygiene fused into a single concept.

In 1904 the first chairs in eugenics were instituted at university college, london, followed by the establishment of the galton laboratory for national eugenics in 1907. In 1910 the eugenic record office was founded in the united states, both institutes used the research results of the galton laboratory of national eugenics to propose practical applications. Eugenics was used an the "scientific" basis upon which racism was fused to politics.

Eugenicists believed that the child of a mentally-ill person and a mentally heathy person would be a mentally-ill offspring. This led to a series of escalating regimens: separation from society, restraint, separation of the
sexes in defective's colonies, and sterilizations. In great britain one of the leaders of the mental hygiene movement was miss evelyn fox. She had been an active member of the eugenics society before the foundation of the
national council for mental hygiene, of which she was an officer and founder. Among the board members was sir cyril burt, who later founded Mensa, a high i.q. group which espoused eugenic principles. The mental hygiene movement
drew strongly from the eugenic movements of whatever
country they were in.

Shortly after the turn of the century eugenic organizations were set up throughout the world. While the whole world was being prepared by propaganda for the sterilization of the insane, the adherents of mental hygiene and eugenics were preparing their next step, euthanasia. In the u.s.a.,
dr. alexis carrel, a nobel prize winner who had been on the staff of the ROCKEFELLER institute since its inception, published his book "Man the Unknown" in 1935. In it he suggests the removal of the mentally ill and the criminal by small euthanasia institutions equipped with suitable gases.

In 1933 the nazi party rapidly consolidated its power. in june of that year, minister of the interior Wilhelm Frick put in motion the passage of the "law for the prevention of hereditary diseases in posterity" - the sterilization
law. Architect of the law was Ernst Rudin, professor of psychiatry at the Munich university, director of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for genealogy, and of the research institute for psychiatry. A separate legal system was
set up consisting of "hereditary health courts", which could decree sterilization against a person's will. By 1935 the "Nuremburg laws" intended to insure the racial purity of the nation and was aimed specifically at the Jews.

In 1934 the Institute for Heredity, Biology and Racial Research was founded at Frankfurt University by professor ernst rudin's colleague at the kaiser wilhelm institute, dr. Otmar Freiherr von Verscheur. von Verscheur's assistant there was dr. Joseph Mengele.

In england, dr. Charles Killick Millard, president of the society of medical officers of health, brought up in 1931 the question of voluntary euthanasia and proposed a suitable law. Later he became fellow founder of the voluntary euthanasia legislation society. In 1935 lord moynihan, president of the royal college of surgeons, founded the euthanasia society .

Sterilization and euthanasia were not [originally] the ideas of the nazis...they were ideas which were supported and promoted throughout the world by groups with an interest in the development of mental hygiene. Germany,
however, was the only country in which the political climate allowed materialization of the final goal of sterilization and euthanasia.

There is not a great deal known about "t4" compared to other aspects of nazi germany. "t4" was the fuhrer chancellery and the initials came from the full address which was tiergartenstrasse 4, berlin. "project t4" was fully integrated into the organizational structure of the reich and fell under section 11b. ("mercy-death") of the chancellery of the fuhrer. Four cover organizations
safeguarded the project t4: the realms work committee in charge of collecting information on candidates for euthanasia from questionnaires sent to hospitals,
the realms committee for scientific approach to severe
illness due to heredity set up exclusively to apply euthanasia to children, the charitable company
for the transport of the 'sick' which transported patients to the killing centers, and the charitable foundation for institutional care, in charge of final disposition
of the victims' remains.

At the time the questionnaires went out a number of mental hospitals were being converted for use as killing centers and schools for murder. Death chambers were built disguised as shower-baths and crematoriums, which
were identical to those later to be established in the death camps in Poland.

Schooling of the personnel at Hadamar Mental Institution produced perfect murderers who were used to the smell of burnt flesh, had been taught to trick people being led to their death and to steel themselves against the crying
and pleading of the victims. On arrival, the victims were stripped, dressed in paper shirts and forthwith taken to a gas chamber where they were murdered with hydrocyanic acid gas, and the bodies moved to crematoriums by conveyer belts, six bodies to a furnace. The psychiatrist in charge at hadamar was dr. Adolf Wahlmann, an active member of the german mental hygiene movement.

After the state had been relieved of the burden of these undesireables, the operation, still under the direction of eminent mental health psychiatrists in t4, was expanded under the code of 14f13. From being limited to mental
hospitals and institutions, it now embraced German and Austrian inmates and Jews in concentration camps who were sick or invalid. At Dachau at the end of 1941 a commission composed of 4 psychiatrists under professor dr. Werner
Heyde, ss standartenfuhrer and lecturer in neurology and psychiatry at Wurzburg University, arrived at the camp and selected hundreds of patients incapable of work who were transported to the gas chambers and disposed of.

The extermination camps had followed a separate evolution from the concentration camps that were opened a few months after the nazi rise to power. These death camps had their headquarters, not in Himmler's SS organization,
but in the fuhrer's chancellory (t4). Franz Stangl Austrian gestapo) said at the Nuremberg trials that his progression to builder and commander of the sobibor
extermination camp went through the Hartheim and Bernberg euthanasia centers. The original staff at sobibor was taken from hartheim.

During the war eugenics became associated with the nazis and afterwards a global whitewashing began. The first step was the reconstitution of the many national councils of mental hygiene. The first was the british association
for mental health. Lady Prescilla Norman, wife of Montagu Norman, governor of the bank of England, had been working in the mental hygiene movement since the 20's. In 1944 they sponsored a congress held at the ministry of health
in london where they established the world federation of
mental health - wfmh.

The first elected president of the wfmh was dr. John Rawlings Rees, a british psychiatrist associated with the tick-*****tock institute. In 1948 the wfmh was formally inaugurated at the third international congress of mental health. A vice-president of the congress was dr. Carl G. Jung who was described by fellow vice-president dr. Conti as "representing german psychiatry under the nazis". dr. jung had been co-editor of the journal for psychotherapy
with dr. m. h. Goering, the cousin of marshal hermann goering. George Ivonovitch Gurdjieff: proto nazi it may be that the real key to the third reich lies buried in the history of tibet, for it was here that Karl Haushofer, the initiate who taught the youthful hitler, first met in literal fact the superman of nazi legend.

[link to www.redicecreations.com]

[link to www.crystalinks.com]

[link to www.illuminati-news.com]


The truth...

POLITICAL enemies=racial hygiene programs...
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