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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want to stress that not everything I have posted is absolute truth-it is up to each one of us who wish to have a voice to be informed and form our own opinions.

The facts support a program carried on by 'tptb' (hidden hands)that indicates a concentrated effort to use eugenics across the world-a clearly demonstrated if one but researches-It is still active is my suggestion and will be used often-Terri Shiavo is an example...911, 7/7, and many other programs carried out against us-there are enough de-classified documents to substantiate it-prove me wrong with facts if you can(I hope someone can...)

Weather manipulation has been going on for decades...many of them. Several de-classified documents prove illegal spray has been discharged onto the population.

HAARP,GWEN,VLF,ELF,Scalar, etc.,. heat up the environment and the Cadmium....remains in the environment for a very long time...Barium and aluminum arer not healthy to breathe-even possibly leading to LUNG CANCER(as cigarette smokers decrease-it is not all the nicotine I can assure you.)

Morgellons has been tied to "chemtrails" and also nanotechnology-

High levels of Barium-tested samples...with news program...Remember Chemtrails are an Aerosol program run by the Office of Naval Intelligence controlled by British Intelligence and it's controller, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The program gets conducted in all countries within 'The Open Skies Treaty.' Notice the immune dysfunction, Respiratory problems, Cancer, Thyroid problems going through the roof?

In 1949 Germ Bombs were used. These were explosive munitions with pathogens(germs)

In 1950
The first large scale aerosol test was conducted in San Francisco Bay in September 1950, using two species pf bacteria(Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcescens). Many experiments used various Bacillus species because of the similarities to B. anthracis.

Govts around the world admit there are CONTAMINANTS in the air-but they CLAIM THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM rofl
Some hearings took place in 1977

Research Johnathan D Moreno-Law-2001-371 pages


239 areas were determined to have been CONTAMINATED with BIOLOGICAL AGENTS...between 1949 and 1969.

100000s of Veterans have been tested on and used as guinea pigs.

In 2001 Chemtrails are even mentioned by name in H.R. 2977, 107th CONgress...military still denies.

11 yrs ago the military could still legally test certain substances under certyain conditions...

Short term exposure to Barium:
can lead to stomach or chest pain...
Longterm exposure can lead to blood pressure problems.
can be used longterm to wear down a persons immune system...

The constant barrage on the body will harm the immune system.

The 1984 ROCKEFELLER report research
"eugenics is good"

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