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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

This is an elderly epidemiologist...remember many of our world class scientists and microbiologists and weapons experts are dying in incredible numbers FOR A REASON

Most are not that educated and find lies to be truth and call truth lies...Many are confused-so before anyone laughs at the age of this voice-remember the truth and she is speaking out when she should be rocking in a chair enjoying her last yrs...

Scientist and researcher, Rosie Bertell continues to provide damning evidence concerning the military, government, scientists, giant corporations (the Illuminati) involvement in the world-wide sinister "Black Project" known as Chemtrails. International collusion, aerial pharmacopoeia are explored and all point to the New World (dis)Order.

aerial pharmacopoeia...precedents set-so they add PHARMA to trails and air...Biological and chemical warfare...


The New World Order is already here...their symbols are everywhere and they have stolen our freedoms and SUPPRESSED our critical thought process. We are fighting their wars! Don't be another victim.

Do not be deceived-all these things are not just coincidences

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