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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

[link to www.xeper.org]
PsyOp to MindWar...used on enemies and Americans...

Yes, many in the govt are doing illegal acts-of course currently the audio is under wraps-as it refers to Project garden Plot...and Rex 84...and Oliver North and COG with FEMA camps being mentioned-the reason I know this is I know this video as I watched the hearings when they happened-up to 6 months back-the audio was fine-The fact that is is under 'wraps' currently tells me tptb DO NOT WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THE TRUTH-is something underfoot???

Sauds giving out favors...10000000$ just disappears in our govt then....this one has audio as the Project Garden Plot was on the first one with audio off...this also has audio







This one has a disabled audio too-Whenever the hearings would go to elaborating the set up for our current FEMA camps...well, the audio is disabled...naturally-Know the truth and know the ways of the adversaries.

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