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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
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every group is involved...every GROUP


I still would like to read the censured passages of their book...





More to this series.


Kept in the dark on so many things...


Open Letter to Israeli Soldiers
Jews call on Israeli soldiers to stop war crimes

We Jews in the international community call upon Israeli soldiers to raise the Black Flag of Illegality over the operations against the people of Gaza.

We refuse to remain silent while Israeli leaders force Israeli soldiers to commit war crimes: crimes against humanity for which they will one day be called to account. Israeli soldiers of conscience can, and must, stop this dangerous, illegal, and immoral war.

This criminal activity does nothing to advance the health and welfare of Jews. Rather, from Sderot to Sydney, from Ashkelon to Amsterdam, we will all benefit when there is justice for Palestinians.

Therefore, we call on you to use all measures possible to stop these atrocities against the Palestinian people. Flagrantly illegal orders must not simply be disobeyed, but actively and effectively opposed.

We members of the international Jewish community call on you, the Israeli soldiers of conscience, to halt the Israeli war machine, which only you can, and must, do.

Signed, [link to Do_not_use_this.com]

[link to Do_not_use_this.com]

Many Americans just don't know how mainstream media is actually behaving. It doesn't occur to them what's being withheld from them.
"Scott Horton is a Contributing Editor of Harper's Magazine, in a footnote to a December 2008 Harper's Magazine article, he reveals:
"I myself was twice warned by PBS producers, in advance of appearances on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, that I could use the word torture in the abstract but that I was to refrain from applying it to the administrations policies. And after an interview with CNN in which I spoke of the administrations torture policy, I was told by the producer, Thats okay for CNN International, but we cant use it on the domestic feed."

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