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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content


Taking the children and now the women are left to keep a hold of their children-shot in the back...women in robes...

info at site
Rumors quickly flew that the Jews were
executing Arabs.
Jews were using the Mosque as a
holding area for teenage boys. Enraged mothers showed up to demand their children back, and an Israeli tank mowed them down, The Israelites shot at least twelve mothers!

The Town Was Under Curfew, the town was under 24h curfew since Wednesday, so
how did 60 gunmen gather?
Jews had snipers on every rooftop.

Israeli story makes no sense, they say there were sixty gunmen in the mosque.
What was there a 'Gunman Convention' & all sixty decided to hide in the mosque?
If there were sixty gunmen, they would scatter all around the city.
There weren't any gunmen, they were kids!!

Jews claimed that gunmen had disguised themselves as women & it was "self defense".
[link to judicial-inc.biz]

I find many informational sites are inflammatory in language-we need to move away from this-it only heightens aggression and hostilities.


I want to know how a 9 yr old boy is this small??? It is obvious he is not eating enough...

Despite Nigeria's massive oil wealth thousands of homeless children live on the streets of the capital Lagos. Many take marijuana to stave off hunger and to help them fall asleep-SO THEY DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY...

DOES ANYONE REALLY BELIEVE THE NANNY WORLD ORDER is going to look out for these kids??? They will not-we do it or they die-plain and simple

Too many have their pet scapegoat and are happy about such tragedy-can someone have such a miserable life to wish that on anyone??? Apparently so.

Kurds were hit hard by Saddam with WEAPONS WE SOLD HIM-they sit on a very big body of oil...chemical weapons and pathogens of destruction...hard to see microbes


The Kurds have a very ancient bloodline-what kind of world are we creating folks-with everyone homogenized like milk and microbes...TRAGIC

After selling chemical weapons to Saddam, then this was happening-THE WORLD WATCHED AND THEY DID NOTHING FOR THEM-they denounced Saddam...yet they GAVE HIM THE CHEMICAL weapons-did the govt think it was for a party??? NO They KNEW-but with all that OIL$$$$$$$$ it was not their problem as as soon as the genocide was done and saddam served his part-he was removed and killed...


so much hidden as they watch their
burnit in denial or comfortably numb...

Is anyone not guilty(America sold them to a madman...it is not only blood on Saddams hands) as they can claim ignorance-likely why so many avoid the TRUTH-lest they have to be accountable within themselves. Dr Ron Paul tried to tell the Americans this is why so many in the Middle East are breathing fire...

1988 Fire was thrown onto them...


If they will do it to "them" what makes you think they will not do it to you?



It is clear to all of the civilized World, that the Chinese propaganda about "liberating" Tibet only was the official excuse to enforce their occupation of Tibet and steal it from the Tibetans-Any bells ringing?
Pay attention


Bad storm again here-massive torrential rains-since May 1st most days have stormed...low temps...

In case I do not return...just in case

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